What is the Vivid Seats Rewards program? 

The Vivid Seats Rewards program is our free loyalty program where every fan earns on every purchase. Collect stamps on every ticket purchase and redeem them for rewards.

Who is eligible to participate in Vivid Seats Rewards?  

Anyone who can make a purchase or create a Vivid Seats account. 

How do I join the Vivid Seats Rewards program? 

We’ve made it easy. Simply download the Vivid Seats app, sign into your account and tap "Join Now" when prompted to join Vivid Seats Rewards.

Pro Tip: You'll automatically be enrolled when you make a purchase within the Vivid Seats or Vivid Picks apps - no additional steps required! 

What kind of perks and rewards do I get as a Vivid Seats Rewards member? 

For starters, every member gets a birthday reward to celebrate their special day. You can also earn free tickets by collecting stamps which can be redeemed for Reward Credits. As you level up your status, you’ll also benefit from increasing perks such as surprise and delights which include ticket upgrades, exclusive access to industry events, and other VIP perks. Visit the app often for the latest updates. 

How does the Vivid Seats program work? 

Create a Vivid Seats account to start earning rewards and status. Every purchase counts—earn 10% of Reward Credit on every ticket you purchase. 

  • Collect – Get 1 stamp for each ticket you buy.  Collect 10 stamps to earn a Reward Credit which is worth the average value of the ten stamps. Use our app and earn stamps faster with surprise bonuses.  
  • Redeem – Your Reward Credit is the average value of the 10 stamps you collect, minus taxes and fees. Use Rewards Credits to get tickets for another event. 
  • Unlock Status – There are three levels: Rising Star, Super Fan, and Icon. Get more perks as you progress through each of the three levels such as surprise and delight moments which include ticket upgrades, exclusive access to industry events, and other VIP perks.  

How do I redeem my stamps, use my Reward Credits, or access my benefits? 

Once you’ve collected 10 stamps, we’ll automatically issue you a Reward Credit to use on your next order. You can view your benefits and apply your credits towards your next order with one-tap in our app…did someone say free tickets? 

What's the value of my stamps and Reward Credit?
Each stamp's value is equal to the price of the ticket, minus the taxes, fees and processing costs.

A reward credit is worth the average value of 10 stamps you collected (10 tickets you purchased minus taxes, fees and processing costs).

What if I don’t use all my Reward Credit in one order?  

If you don’t use all your Reward Credits in a single order, the remaining balance will still be available for use on future orders until they expire. 

What happened to my earned rewards or credits from the previous Vivid Seats Rewards program (prior to July 27, 2021)?  

They will carry over into the new program and be subject to the new expiration. Any credits you previously earned are still available for use in our native apps. Your level (MVP, Rock Star, Hall of Famer) will either be the same or you’ll be moved into a higher level. 

Will my previous orders convert to stamps?  

Previous orders will not be converted to stamps. 

Do my stamps or Reward Credit expire?  

Stamps and Reward Credits do expire. The expiration depends on what level you’re in. 

Can I transfer my stamps or Reward Credits?  

They are not transferable. However, you can use them to purchase tickets and gift them to your friends and family. Spread the cheer and help others Experience It Live! 

Where can I go to find all my Vivid Seats Rewards account information? 

You can view your activity, your level, your current stamps, and your current Reward Credit balance in our app. Simply open the Vivid Seats app and log in to your account. 

What happens to my stamps or Reward Credits if I buy tickets to a game that might not happen (contingent on previous game standings such as World Series Game 7)? 

Customers who purchase tickets for "if necessary" events will earn stamps that are set to a "pending" state until the event is confirmed (e.g., a Game 6 outcome forces a Game 7). If the event does not occur, and the tickets are refunded, no stamps are issued. 

Where can I find the Vivid Seats Rewards terms and conditions?
You can view all the terms and conditions for our Rewards program here!