You can designate a 'list until' date when creating your listing, but if you’d like your listing to be removed from our inventory sooner, you can delete it at any time. The ‘list until’ date varies by ticket format. Hard stock tickets can be listed until five shippable days (Mon-Sat) prior to the event. This allows enough time for the tickets to be packaged, shipped, and delivered to the buyer in time for the event. PDF e-tickets that aren’t uploaded into an email delivery listing can be listed until 48 hours prior to the event. PDF e-tickets that are uploaded into the listing can remain listed until six hours prior to the event. 

You can find this ‘list until’ date, along with your listing's expiration date, in the listing manager in your account. While your listings can be up until this date, you may still need to renew them to keep them up until this time.