While “Mobile E-tickets,” “Email Delivery,” and “Instant Download” tickets are very similar, it's important to understand which specific delivery method is assigned to your tickets to ensure you don’t have any issues getting into your event.  


“Mobile E-tickets" are sent to you via email. These tickets are paper free, meaning that you should display them on your mobile device at the event and they shouldn’t be printed out like “Email Delivery” tickets.  


“Email Delivery” tickets can be accessed through a unique link which will be emailed to you when your tickets are available. In some cases, tickets may not be available until closer to the event date due to delivery delays on the part of the box office, team, or promoter. As mentioned above, these tickets are different from “Mobile E-tickets" in that the PDF files should be printed out before arriving at your event. Some venues are able to scan these barcodes off of mobile devices, but many cannot. Vivid Seats is unable to refund “Email Delivery” orders if the tickets were not printed and admission to the event was not granted. 


“Instant Download” tickets are the same as “Email Delivery” tickets, but they’ll be sent to you shortly after the order is confirmed rather than closer to the event.