If you are attempting to list tickets for multiple events in varying seat locations, you must create separate listings for each set of tickets. If you sell tickets often, you may need to upgrade your Vivid Seats Fan Seller account to a Professional Seller account in order to easily list your tickets for sale. Upgrading to a Professional Seller account is free! For more information, and to see if you qualify, please visit our "Sell Tickets" page and fill out the form at the bottom.

If you have season tickets in the same location and ticket format for each date, you are able to list them for sale all at once. This process is very much like listing tickets to a single event, with a few slight nuances. To begin listing your season tickets, follow the steps below. If you have any questions pertaining to the rest of the listing process, and not listing season tickets specifically, please visit the "I want to sell my tickets. Where do I begin?" FAQ Page .

Find Your Event

Search for the team you have season tickets for. Then, select the dates you are interested in listing by clicking on the check boxes next to the event names.

Ticket Information

Enter the quantity of tickets you have for each event, not the total amount you are selling. Then, list the section, row and seat numbers. Seats must be together. If you are the holder of more than one set of season tickets and seat locations that are not together, you will have to list them separately. 

Delivery & Pricing 

All of your tickets must be able to be delivered the same way, meaning you either received them all as e-tickets or all as hard stock tickets. If you have PDF e-tickets, you can choose to upload at time of listing, or later on in the selling process. Once you have selected the ticket format, you are able to choose the price you want for the tickets for each of the games or events. If you have questions about splits, feel free to head over to the "What are Splits" FAQ page.

If you selected to "Upload Now", you will be brought to the "Upload E-Tickets" page on the next screen. To upload files for each of your dates, switch between them by clicking the event name and date on the left side. Once uploaded from your computer, you will be prompted to match each page of the files to the corresponding seat numbers..

Still have questions about listing tickets in general? Check out the rest of our "Listing Your Tickets FAQ" here!