Please reference the steps below to upload your tickets into the listing.

*If the tickets you are trying to sell are not yet saved on your computer, you'll want to do that now. Typically, you'll have an email from the company you originally purchased the tickets from with a link for you to download and print or download and save your tickets. We always suggest saving the file somewhere easy to find such as your "Desktop" or "My Documents" with a quickly identifiable name such as the event name and date.

  • While on Step 3 of the listing process, select "Electronic Upload (PDF File)" and "Upload Now".
  • On the next page, click "UPLOAD AN E-TICKET FILE".
  • Your browser will pull up a window for you to select the file with your tickets.  Click on the tickets and select "Open".

  • Next you'll have to assign each seat number (from the drop down list) with the corresponding ticket. Don't worry, if your file has more tickets than what you are trying to sell, it will only pull the ones you assign. You can zoom in on the ticket if you aren't able to read the seat numbers at first. For this example, only the first two pages, seats 13 and 14 are being sold. If you intend to use the other seats in the file, please take note of which seat numbers you are listing on Vivid Seats and which seats you intend to use. Failure to do so may cause complications on the day of the event. Once you have selected which ticket goes to which seat number, click continue to finish the rest of the listing process.
    • Alternatively, if you only want to upload the files for which you are listing, and not your entire pack, you will have to use what is called a “PDF Splitter”. This will separate the tickets so you only have to upload the file you wish to sell. A quick internet search will provide you will many helpful resources to divide your files.

Note: Your tickets must be PDF e-tickets. Scans of hard stock tickets or mobile e-tickets are strictly prohibited.

If you are trying to upload the tickets into a listing that already exists, click here to find out how.