The “unit” price is the price you are asking for per ticket, not for the entire group of tickets you are listing.  You can set your price for as much or as little as high or as low as you'd like want.  If you want them your tickets to sell quickly, setting them at a lower price will greatly increase your chances.  We always suggest that anyone interested in listing tickets first check to see what similar tickets are going for at that time. 


If your tickets sell, a 10% seller commission fee will be deducted from the total price of your sale.  Please keep this in mind when determining a price for your tickets.


Vivid Seats works on is a live marketplace, meaning prices may fluctuate often based on supply and demand. If you wish to change the price you originally set, you can always do so in your Vivid Seats account.  Click here for additional information on editing your listing after it's is up on our site.