To list your tickets for sale, follow these simple steps:

1. Click the “Sell Tickets” link, which can be found by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of the Vivid Seats homepage, or at the bottom under "Services."

2. Click the red bar labeled “SELL YOUR TICKETS.”

 3. Search for the event you wish to list tickets for. Note: As soon as three characters are entered, options will appear in the drop-down list.

4. Select the event name and then the specific date you’re selling tickets for by clicking the check-box and pressing “CONTINUE.”

 5. At this point, you’ll be prompted to log into your Vivid Seats account or create one if you don’t already have one. Note: If you use our site to purchase tickets, you don’t need a separate account to sell tickets with us.

6. Fill in the information about the tickets, such as the section, row, and seat numbers.  You must include any disclosures that are printed on the ticket or that were presented to you at the time of ticket purchase (i.e. obstructed view, ADA seating, etc.).

7. Set your delivery method, unit price, and split. Next, enter your PayPal email address so that Vivid Seats can send payment if your tickets sell.

8. Enter the location that your tickets are physically located. In other words, where they will be shipped or uploaded from, which is typically your address.

9. Enter your credit card information. This card will not be charged unless payment has been remitted and you or the customer reports an issue that is in breach of our Seller Terms and Conditions.

10. Agree to the Seller Terms and Conditions, then click “Submit Tickets.” You’ll then see a confirmation page.

11. That will bring you to the final page to confirm your listing.

*Please note: we cannot guarantee your tickets will sell when listed on our marketplace. Until they’re sold to a new buyer, these tickets are still yours. If, at any time, you decide that you don’t want to sell them anymore, and you have yet not confirmed a sale, please de-list them immediately.