If your tickets are Paperless Delivery, it means you must present the card used by the reseller to originally purchase the tickets from the venue or box office. Many events will only allow Paperless tickets as a delivery option for specific (generally premium) seats, or for the entire event.

 There are two ways in which you may have access to this card:  

  1. If possible, the seller will ship you the Prepaid Gift Card that was used in their original order, or have it available for pick up on the day of the event. This card does not carry a balance, it is simply just the carrier of the ticket information. and can be discarded after the event. Using this method for entry is much like entering with a traditional ticket. You will present the card to the ticket attendant at the gate as you would with regular tickets, no need to go to the Box Office or Will Call.
  2. If the tickets were purchased on a credit card, and not a Prepaid Gift Card, we coordinate what we call a "Paperless Walk-In". This means that you will meet a representative from the seller's office, who will then escort you, along with other customers, into the event by presenting the original credit card to the ticket attendant.

Once the card is swiped, you will receive a small print out with your seat location from the ticket attendant. Since all of the tickets are on one card, your entire party must enter together.