Special Delivery refers to several alternate delivery methods that are utilized when an order cannot be sent via email, electronic transfer, or shipped. The most common are “Local Pickup” and "Will Call". If you have one of these delivery methods, your tickets will be available for pickup from the venue box office’s Will Call window or from a seller representative or affiliate at a location at or close to the venue. “Local Pickup” tickets are usually available on the day of the event or a few days prior. 

In some cases, such as for major sports tournaments, your tickets may be “Paperless.” This means that you will be asked to meet with the seller or an affiliate and will be escorted into the venue or event.

For all Special Deliveries, we will provide detailed delivery instructions and a phone number that you may call if an issue arises.

If the tickets become available earlier than estimated, they may be emailed to you, sent via a secure ticket-transfer system such as AXS Mobile ID, through the site the tickets were originally purchased on, or we may contact you to confirm your shipping address and ship the tickets directly to you.