Both “Email Delivery” and “Instant Download” tickets are delivered via email in a PDF format and can be viewed using Adobe Reader. Email tickets, sometimes called e-tickets, are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional hard stock paper tickets. Each features a unique barcode that must be scanned for admittance to a venue or event. While some venues can scan these tickets on a mobile device, we strongly recommend that you download and print your tickets before your event to ensure entry. 

Listings that are for Instant Download or Email Delivery will be designated in the listing.

Tickets designated as “Instant Download” will be delivered to you via email, typically within a few minutes after your order is confirmed. Similarly, tickets labeled “Email Delivery” will also be delivered via email, but may not be available immediately. If tickets are not available immediately, it’s usually due to a delivery delay from the box office, venue, or event promoter. Once your order has been confirmed, you will receive an email identifying the estimated delivery date. 

E-tickets specified as "Mobile E-tickets" are a little different. These do not have to be printed and should always be displayed to the venue staff on a mobile device.