How do I get them?

Tickets and Gift Cards 

Tickets and traditional gift cards make for great gift presentation. For both, shipping fees apply. Gift Cards come with a holder and ship in approximately 2-3 days. Tickets may not ship until a few days before the event.

eGift Cards

eGift Cards can be either forwarded or printed typically within minutes after purchase (though in some cases, additional credit card processing may take up to 24 hours).

How do they work?

Gift Cards and eGift Cards both come with a unique code that can be entered within the purchase process on or through our sales department at 866.848.8499. Gift Cards and eGift Cards operate as cash. There is no expiration date, and the balance on the card can be used for all or part of the purchase price. Gift Cards and eGift Cards may be used for the entire transaction and can continue to be used until the balance on the card has been spent. Once a portion of the balance has been used, the remaining balance is not transferrable and must be used by the same account holder.

Are Gift Cards or eGift Cards the same as promotional codes?

No. Vivid Seats Gift Cards and eGift Cards are not the same as promotional codes issued by Vivid Seats. Unlike gift cards, promotional codes have additional restrictions on usage. Specifically, promotional codes are for single-use and do not retain a balance for value unspent. Promotional codes also cannot be used for the entire value of a transaction. Additionally, promotional codes may have a minimum purchase requirement or other purchase restriction.