Every listing is screened before our Verification team before being posted on our marketplace. Our 100% Buyer Guarantee promises that all tickets sold on our site will be valid and authentic, so we take this process seriously. “House Review” may take up to 24 hours but is typically completed much faster than that. In some cases, we may ask our Fan Sellers to fill out an authorization form and include proof of purchase. During this time, you won’t be able to edit or view your listing on our website. Once your listing is successfully screened, you’ll see it listed among our other inventory, and you’ll be able to edit it as needed.  


Note: Each time you submit a new listing, your entire account will be reviewed. For this reason, all your listings temporarily become inactive during this process. If you have a listing that expires while your account is being reviewed, you may click the button in your account to renew it; however, it won't be available for purchase until your account and listings have all been approved.