The delivery method that was provided by the primary market for your event is called a MLB Mobile Electronic Transfer, which may require you to download the MLB Ballpark app on your mobile phone. The MLB has followed many other venues and organizations, like the NFL and have gone with digital ticketing. Besides being the safest and most secure way to ensure that you obtain access to your tickets and gain entry to your event, it is also now our most common delivery method for MLB games. Because this delivery method is our most common, rest assured that we are going to make this process very easy for you. We will be providing you with all the steps needed in order for you to quickly accept and access your tickets


In order to assist you with locating, accepting and accessing your tickets, please read and follow the step-by-step guide below. This will help to ensure that you are ready for your event in no time! From everyone at Vivid Seats, we hope you enjoy your event!