To see an overview of your account, tap “My Tickets” in the bottom navigation bar.

To go to a specific listing, tap “Listing Manager”. You can also access your sales from this page as well.

If you have multiple listings and wish to filter them,, tap the symbol in the upper right corner.

Once you select a listing, you can edit it, chat with a representative about it, or view our Seller FAQ.

Editing a Listing:

Once you tap “Edit Listing” you will be able to edit the price, lower the quantity, change the list until date, or edit the splits. You can also tap “Delete” in the upper right corner if you would like to permanently delete your listing.

Renewing a Listing:

If your listing has expired and needs to be renewed, it will show up at the bottom of all of your listings.

Tapping on the listing will bring you to the Listing Summary, where you will see the option to renew if your listing is eligible.