Listing tickets through the Vivid Seats mobile app is easy! To begin, use the search bar at the top of the home screen to look up the event you’d like to sell tickets for.


Once you find the correct event, swipe left to reveal the options to buy or sell tickets for that event.


Select "Sell", then tap "Add Tickets" to begin the listing process.


Tap “Type of Tickets” to indicate whether you have general admission tickets or specific seats. You’ll then be asked to provide additional information about your tickets, such as quantity, section, row, and seat numbers (if necessary). You’ll also need to provide any disclosures that were printed on the ticket or presented to you at time of purchase. Pay close attention to these details, as forgetting to include them may result in your listing being cancelled.


Next, you’ll be asked to set your price, delivery method, list until date, and splits.


Enter the price you’d like to sell your tickets for. The amount after seller fees will be displayed so you can quickly view how much money you’ll receive if the tickets sell.

Delivery Method 

If you’re selling e-tickets, please upload the ticket files to your listing. If you don’t have the tickets in-hand yet, you’ll be asked to agree to upload the tickets at some point by logging into your Vivid Seats account from a desktop or laptop computer.

If you’re selling email delivery tickets, the event must be at least two days away in order to create the listing in the app. This is because all PDF ticket files for listings for events within two days must be uploaded at time of listing creation.

If the event is more than two days away, you'll have to upload the tickets into the listing (or sale if applicable) at some point by logging into your Vivid Seats account from a desktop or laptop computer.

If you know you won’t have access to a computer, please do not move forward with the listing process.

If your tickets are hard stock, physical tickets, please provide the address you’ll be shipping the tickets from, as well as the date you’ll have them in-hand.

In-hand dates may vary based on where you purchased the tickets originally. If you’re unsure of the exact date you’ll receive the tickets, please be sure to provide your best guess based on any estimates you received when purchasing them.

Please note: listings can only be created in the Vivid Seats app for events that are at least two days away. This is because all PDF ticket files for listings for events within two days must be uploaded at time of listing creation.


List Until

Select the date that you want your tickets to be available until. Listings will be removed at 12 a.m. on their designated list until date.
Please note: regardless of the specified list until date, we ask that sellers renew their listings periodically so that we can ensure our inventory is up-to-date.

Quantity Split

If you’re selling a block of seats, the split determines the minimum number of tickets that can be purchased in one order. Not sure which split to select? Click here for more information on the different split options.

After you’ve submitted all the necessary ticket information, the last step is to provide us with a few personal details.

Phone number
A valid phone number is required in case we have to reach you for any reason.

Payment Information
We pay our Fan Sellers via PayPal. Please provide the email associated with your PayPal account so we know where to send payment if your tickets sell.

Credit Card Info & Add Billing Address
If you’ve purchased or sold tickets with us before, you can select from stored cards and billing addresses, or tap the “Add” button to enter new information. Curious as to why we need this information? Click here to find out more.

Once you’ve finished entering your info, please make sure to read through the Terms and Conditions. Tapping the “List Tickets” button will submit your listing, as well as acknowledges that you agree to the Vivid Seats Seller Terms.

If you have any other questions related to listing tickets with us, please visit our Listing Your Tickets FAQ pages.