Flash Seats is an extremely easy way to provide tickets to another recipient. All of this can be done once tickets have been transferred by our seller to your Flash Seats account. Click here to read more on receiving Flash Seats.

Please read the following steps to transfer Flash Seats to another recipient:

Click the "Tickets" tab in your Flash Seats account. All tickets in your account will appear here: 


Click the red "Transfer" button next to the tickets you wish to send. If you are only transferring some of the tickets in your account, you will be able to customize this in the next step. 


Select some or all of the seats that you wish to transfer. Enter in the details requested. Click "Preview 'Flash Transfer'".  


Verify that the information on this page is accurate. Click "Confirm Transfer". Your recipient will receive an email from Flash Seats notifying them of the transfer. It will also prompt them to create an account if they did not already have one.