Flash Seats is a convenient and secure digital ticketing system that allows tickets to be transferred to new owners and presented electronically for paperless entry into your event.  While this ticketing method has been around a while, it is becoming increasingly popular. 

If tickets are Flash Seats, the seller will transfer the tickets to you using the email address you provided when you placed your order.  It's okay if you don't already have a Flash Seats account, the tickets will be waiting for you and will appear in your account once created.  When creating an account, it will prompt you to enter either a credit/debit card or an I.D.  Nothing else will be charged, rather this card will become the carrier of the ticket information.  Alternatively, you are able to download the Flash Seats mobile application and present this at the venue.

Flash Seats is one of the most secure ticketing methods because there can never be more than one set of tickets for your particular seats, they can never be lost or stolen, and they can track who exactly tickets were transferred to and from.

For more information on Flash Seats, you can visit their website at: www.flashseats.com.